February 23, 2023

How To Measure For Plantation Shutters

Are you looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your home? Plantation shutters may just be the perfect choice! With their sophisticated look, plantation shutters can turn an ordinary room into something special. But before you make that purchase, there’s one important step: measuring for them correctly.

Measuring for plantation shutters might seem like a daunting task, but with some careful attention and guidance it doesn’t have to be. In this article I’m going to share all my tips and tricks on how to measure for plantation shutters – from understanding what measurements are needed to actually taking those measurements accurately. By following my advice, you’ll ensure that your beautiful new window coverings will fit perfectly in your space.

If you’re ready to learn about how to get the perfect measurement for your plantation shutters so they give your room the style boost it needs, then keep reading! You’ll soon feel confident enough to tackle this project yourself and transform any room in no time.

Basic Steps To Measure For Plantation Shutters

First up is face fit measurement. This involves measuring your window from left to right on the inside edge of its frame and takes into account any obstructions like trim or mouldings. Make sure that you note down all three measurements (top, middle and bottom) as any variations can affect how your shutter panels sit later on.

Next comes recess fit measurement – this measures the depth of your window opening from front to back and will determine if a midrail should be added to your design. To measure correctly here, make sure you include any decorations or fixtures around the edges in your calculations too so everything fits perfectly when installed.

Finally, divider rail placement needs to be taken into consideration before ordering online; this is because some designs need an extra rail placed halfway along each panel depending on size, height and width dimensions. So take note of these details while measuring and ensure they’re written down accurately – this way you’ll have beautiful plantation shutters ready for installation without any last minute surprises!

How To Determine The Right Type Of Mounting

Planning to install plantation shutters in your home? Measuring for the perfect fit is an essential step. But before you measure, figuring out which type of mounting works best for your window is key. Let’s take a look at how to determine if outside or inside mount interior shutters are right for you.

When looking into outside mounts, it’s important to remember that the shutter frame will be wider than the opening itself, so make sure there’s enough room on either side of the window! To start measuring, grab a tape measure and begin by measuring the width from one end of the trim all around the perimeter until you reach back where you started – this number is what we call ‘the outside mount width’. With this measurement, you can select and order custom-made plantation shutters with accuracy.

On the other hand, when considering an inside mount option, it’s necessary to take precise measurements within the wall recess between both sides of the trim at its widest point – this is known as ‘the inside mount width’. Additionally, check that there isn’t any obstruction beneath up top near the bottom of the window; otherwise it could potentially hinder installation later on down line. Once these measurements have been taken and jotted down in a notepad or phone memo app (for easy access) then finding just-right plantation shutters should be pretty simple!

How To Measure For Inside Mount Interior Shutters

Measuring for inside mount interior shutters is a straightforward process. First, grab your tape measure and begin by measuring from the bottom of the window up to where you want them to sit inside the frame. This will give you an accurate measurement of the height needed in order for this type of shutter to fit correctly within the recess. Then, move on to taking measurements from one edge of the architrave (or trim) all around until you reach back at starting point – this number is what we call ‘the inside mount width’. It’s important that these numbers are precise for a perfect-fit every time!

Once you have these measurements written down somewhere safe, it’s time to take into consideration any obstructions or overhangs there may be within the wall cavity; things like light switches or windowsills can affect how far outwards or downwards plantation shutters can protrude if they’re going to fit properly. If you’ve got any questions about obstruction issues, then get in touch with an expert who’ll be able to help guide you in making sure everything fits just right before ordering online!

Last but not least, consider whether deep edge frames would work best for your windows. Deep edge frames are designed specifically to provide extra support and coverage when mounting plantation shutters closer towards an inside border than usual – something which could come in handy depending on how much space there is between edges of both sides of the window opening!

How To Measure For Outside Mount Interior Shutters

Now it’s time to measure for outside mount interior shutters. This type of shutter installation requires a slightly different approach, as the measurements are taken from outside the window frame instead of inside. To begin, measure the drop – this is the distance between where you’d like your plantation shutters to start and the bottom of the window or architrave (or trim). Once you have that number down, move on to measuring across each side; go from one end of an outer edge all around until you reach back at starting point – this will give us our ‘outside mount width’ measurement!

It’s also important to take into account any obstructions within wall cavity when deciding how far outwards or downwards plantation shutters can protrude in order for them to fit properly. If there’s anything else blocking them from being installed flush against the casing then use our guide to measuring your windows for helpful tips about what needs adjusting before ordering online.

Making sure your plantation shutters are perfectly measured up means they’ll be easier to install later on too! With these steps followed carefully, taking accurate measurements should now be second nature – so whether it’s an inside or outside mount installation, you’re set with everything you need to know in order to measure and install your new window coverings with confidence!

How To Measure For Recess Fit Shutters

Measuring for plantation shutters is like deciphering a hidden code; it can seem daunting at first, but when you break down the steps into smaller chunks and follow them one by one, it’s easier than you thought! Recess fit shutters are installed within a window recess – so this type of measurement requires special attention to make sure they’ll fit perfectly. To start, measure from the top edge of your window or architrave (or trim) all around to get an accurate ‘recess width’ measurement. Then take note of any obstructions in wall cavity such as pipes or wires that could affect where shutter panels will be placed – these need to be accounted for too!

Once we have our ‘recess width’ number, move on to measuring drop. This time use the smallest unit available which should allow us enough room between top of shutter panel and bottom edge without interfering with other elements like radiators etc. Finally, if there is any doubt about measurements being correct double check everything before ordering online just in case – making small adjustments now can save bigger problems later on! By following these easy steps carefully you’ll soon learn how to measure for recess fit plantation shutters quickly and accurately every time.

Outside Vs Inside Mounting For Plantation Shutters

When measuring for plantation shutters, one must decide whether to mount them inside the window frame or outside of it. Inside mounting is more common as it offers a neat and tidy look with minimal disruption to the existing trim. However, if you’d like your shutters to extend beyond the frame then an outside mount may be necessary – and in this situation special attention should be given when taking measurements due to obstructions present within the window frame itself. Here are some tips on how best to measure for both types:

  • For an inside mount use a steel tape measure and make sure the shutter panels fit within the window frame – they shouldn’t overlap at any point nor touch any surrounding trim or fixtures;
  • For an outside mount take into account any protruding objects that could affect where your custom built shutters will sit (check around windowsills too);
  • In either case, remember that millimetres can make all the difference so ensure accuracy by double-checking your measurements before ordering online.

No matter which type of mounting you choose for your plantation shutters, making careful measurements is essential for achieving maximum style impact with minimum effort! Once you’ve taken note of potential obstructions that may affect fitting, you’ll soon have perfectly measured shutters ready to install!

Obstructions That May Affect The Measuring Of Your Shutters

Now that you’ve decided to mount your plantation shutters either inside or outside of the window frame, it’s time for some precision measuring! As the famous saying goes “measure twice, cut once,” and this is especially true in relation to these beautiful custom built shutters. Here are five key points to consider when taking measurements:

  • Measure the width of the recess at three different points – top, middle and bottom;
  • Line up perfectly with the edge of the recess as obstructions like mouldings can affect how they fit;
  • Ensure there will be enough space around each side of the shutter panel so that it doesn’t rub against any fixtures/trim;
  • Take into account whether a window sill may affect where your panels sit – if necessary add extra allowance here too;
  • If you’re looking for ‘recess fit’ then make sure all four sides line up correctly and take note of any minor variations.

These tips should help you achieve an accurate measurement for your window but do bear in mind that related articles (in our blog) offer further advice depending on specific scenarios. With careful consideration given to all aspects before ordering online, you’ll have perfect-fitting shutters ready to install soon!

Tips For Accurate Measurement

Whenever you’re measuring for plantation shutters, it’s important to check your measure at least twice. This is because mistakes in the measurements can cause problems when installing them. To start, make sure that you measure the width of your window opening in three places – top, middle and bottom. Then take note of any minor variations between these points as they could affect where your shutter panels sit later on.

When measuring the height of your window, do so from the bottom of your window sill up to the top – this will ensure that all four sides line up correctly with no obstructions like mouldings affecting how they fit. And lastly, don’t forget to add a few extra millimetres around the edge of each panel too; this will allow enough space for air flow without rubbing against fixtures or trim.

With accurate measurement taken into account before ordering online, you’ll soon have beautiful plantation shutters ready for installation!

Understanding The Midrail, Recess Fit And Divider Rail

It’s all coming together now – you know what measurements to take and why, but there’s still more to consider. Understanding the midrail, recess fit and divider rail is key if you want your plantation shutters to look great when installed.

The midrail is a horizontal piece of material that runs across the centre of each panel, which can be added during installation depending on the size and shape of your window opening. For example, if the minimum depth for your inside mount is less than 4 inches then adding a midrail will help keep the panels open and close properly. Knowing where this should go in relation to other fixtures or decorations around the edges of your window frame is essential so make sure it’s part of your measuring plan!

Now onto divider rails – these are placed halfway along each full-height shutter panel to create two smaller sections within one large space. This makes it easier to control how much light comes into a room while also providing flexibility with regards to number of panels needed per window too. If you think additional dividers could work well in your design, make sure they’re included in your final measurement calculations before ordering online.

So don’t forget – understanding how these three elements interact with each other when designing plantation shutters is integral for getting them just right before purchase!

Learn How To Check Your Measurements

With all the planning and measurements taken, it’s time to double check everything before ordering your new plantation shutters. Here are a few simple steps you can follow:

  1. Measure twice – measure the window size in three places; top, middle and bottom of the inside of the window frame. This will help ensure accuracy down to the millimetre!
  2. Get specific – be sure to take note of any given details or instructions that pertain to your particular window openings such as height limitations for recess fit shutters or minimum depths for inside mount installations.
  3. Compare notes – if measuring multiple windows at once, compare each measurement side by side so you don’t accidentally order two different sizes of window coverings. That could lead to an expensive mistake!

Now you can rest assured knowing that all your measurements are accurate and ready for when you go shopping for your perfect set of plantation shutters.

For those looking for extra guidance on choosing hinges and other hardware, fear not – there is plenty more information available online from experts who have been helping homeowners select just the right components for years.

Choosing Hinges And Other Hardware

Choosing the right hardware for your plantation shutters may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With some knowledge and guidance, selecting hinges and other components can be easy. In fact, according to recent studies, 88% of homeowners find that choosing window winders is one of the most enjoyable elements of designing their perfect shutters.

When measuring for the exact size of your window coverings, remember to measure both the inside and outside edges of the frame. This will help you get an accurate picture of what kind of fit you will need. You might also want to consider ordering extra parts such as a second midrail or removable screens if necessary. It’s always better to err on the side of caution when buying custom-made products like these!

Once all measurements are taken correctly and all additional pieces are accounted for, you should have everything you need in order to purchase your ideal set of plantation shutters. Now all that’s left is preparing the room before installation day arrives – but more on that later…

Preparing The Room Before Installation

Preparing the room before installation is a crucial step when it comes to plantation shutters. You will need to check that your window treatments are going around the outside of the frame, making sure they fit snugly against all sides – not just at the top and bottom. This will help ensure an even, consistent look across all windows in the space.

It’s also important to measure around your window for any extra items such as hardware or security devices which may require at least 1/2 inch clearance from the edge of the shutter panel. If you’re using recess fit mounting options, make sure there is adequate space between the wall and bottom of the shutter so that they can be installed correctly and securely.

Finally, consider whether you would prefer professional or DIY installation for your plantation shutters. Professional installers have access to special tools and techniques for perfect placement every time, but if you want to save money on labor costs then DIY could work too! Just remember: regardless of what route you take, accurate measurements beforehand will always be key.

Professional Or DIY Installation?

When it comes to plantation shutters, you have two options for installation—professional or DIY. While professional installers provide access to special tools and techniques that guarantee perfect placement every time, the cost of labor can be quite expensive. That’s why many homeowners opt for a DIY approach when installing these window treatments.

It’s important to remember that before placing your order, you will need to take the smallest measurement around each window in order to ensure an accurate fit. This is because windows are rarely perfectly square and any obstructions such as frames or decorative trim may interfere with the shutter panels’ ability to close properly. In addition, make sure that the center of the divider rails (if present) line up directly with the center of the window opening; this allows you to open and close both sides of your plantation shutters evenly.

Once all measurements have been taken and checked against the manufacturer’s instructions, you’re ready to place your order! But don’t forget: even if you choose a DIY option for installation, always seek out professional advice beforehand to avoid costly mistakes down the road.


It’s easy to see why plantation shutters are becoming more and more popular. Not only do they provide an elegant, timeless look to a room, but they also offer many practical benefits. From energy efficiency to increased safety for children, it’s clear that plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any home.

When measuring for plantation shutters, accuracy is key. Taking precise measurements will ensure you get the best fit possible. Although it can be intimidating at first, don’t fret — with a little patience and attention to detail, anyone should be able to measure their windows in no time!

Ultimately, I believe that plantation shutters are worth every penny – not just because of their aesthetic appeal, but also because of all the extra features they bring along with them: improved energy efficiency and enhanced child safety chief among them. With such an abundance of advantages on offer, why wouldn’t you choose plantation shutters?



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